Menu Plan Monday--1/2/12

The new year is here.......
I'm so hoping that this one is filled with blessings for everyone, everywhere.
You deserve a break today......
The sun will come out tomorrow......
This too shall pass.......
All of the cheesy platitudes that help us through the rough times along with trust, and faith to you and yours.
It's back to work week..I really don't want to go, but  I do enjoy compensation every other week in order to continue on my journey to a brighter fiscal future.

Happy New Year's Day
Smoked Turkey and Ham Sandwiches
Lots and lots of snacky appetizers and junky junk food :o)
To Do:  Complete freezer cooking, make fried rice, make pizza crusts and prebake then freeze.

Parmesan Crusted Baked Tilapia
Green Veggie
To Do:  Run errands, iron, pack lunches, run by warehouse, organize vitamins, make appointment with chiropractor and Dr. E, finish up laundry, make chicken noodle soup for Crazy Cooking Challenge

Corn Bread or Buttered Bread
To Do:  Put Meatloaf in frig

Mashed Potatoes
Sauteed Squash
To Do:  Soak lentils

Indian Lentil Curry Pressure Cooker
(I'm using brown)
Green Salad
To Do:  Put taco meat in frig

Taco Pizza

Thanks for stopping by today and head on over to for other great recipe ideas to start your year off on the right foot.
as always....
happy Monday ;o)


  1. That meal plan looks great! I love lentils. I have to go to work too. Boo! I have enjoyed this time with my children!


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