Menu Plan Monday 8/22/11

We are so sticking to the menu plan, it's almost making me sick,
in a good way :o)
The crockpot adventure went well and it was super duper easy!
The highlight of the week was the Barbecue Chicken.
My only suggestion to you is that.... 
1.  It doesn't really resemble the picture so don't overcook in order
to get that beautiful must have been cooked on the grill look
2.  Keep the cooking time at 4-6 hours or the chicken dries out a bit.
I wasn't home though when this was started and it was edible and
a make again worthy meal.  I'll just give more specific instructions
on when to start the crock pot if I'm not here.
However, this is the week of school starting so.....
my food bill WILL be decreased
by around 90%.
I'm just saying.....
the pack of locusts that live here
will be eating at school, since we are definitely too cool to pack a lunch.
This idea may change however once he actually tastes what they offer for school lunch.
My Boy #2 has been known to be the foodie sort.
Anyway,  I'm using mostly the foods that I have in the freezer as we are trying
to clean it a good way.
{especially since the sales are really not that great}
Hope your week is blessed.

Neighborhood Shindig
Taco Ring with Salsa
Cupcakes with Vanilla Icing
To Do: Make lasagna

Green Salad
Garlic Toast
To Do: Make hamburgers

Onion Pitas
Lettuce and Tomato
Tzaziki Sauce
Potato Puffs
To Do:  Brown chicken for freezer.

Taco Chicken Taquitos
(homemade and baked!)
Chopped lettuce and tomato
(extra from yesterday)
Sour Cream

Lemon Chicken Pasta
Green Peas
To Do:  Put pork in frig for defrost.

Spicy Chinese Pork
To Do: I don't think anything....we're having a makeshift dinner.


There you go.....first week of school menu!
Again, nothing exciting but

as always.....
happy Monday :o)

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  1. we are cleaning out the freezer as well. sales have been horrible and our freezer and pantry is dwindling down to nothing!
    Here is a link to my Menu Plan this week.
    I'd love if you stopped by my new blog!
    Have a great week:)


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